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The Wait is Over: FDIC Approves Insurance for New Industrial Banks for the First Time in Over a Decade

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By: Susanna D. Evarts

New UpdateOn March 18, 2020, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) approved the deposit insurance applications for industrial bank applicants Square, Inc., a provider of payment services for small businesses, and Nelnet, Inc., a student loan servicer.  The approvals allow Square and Nelnet to create new industrial banks chartered under Utah law.  Obtaining an industrial bank charter allows companies that are not bank holding companies to own banks that are authorized to originate consumer and commercial loans and collect insured deposits.  Square and Nelnet’s applications are the first that the FDIC has approved in over a decade, marking a potentially significant shift in how the FDIC will treat such applications, and reflecting an increase in the number of active Utah industrial banks, which has hovered at fifteen.  These state-chartered financial institutions are generally subject to the same banking laws and regulations as other types of bank charters.

The approvals come one day after the FDIC issued a proposed rule for public comment, which would impose certain conditions on industrial bank applicants.  This marks a change in the FDIC’s position on approving deposit insurance applications for industrial banks, indicating that the long-dormant industrial bank charter may begin to attract attention once more.  The two new approvals and proposed rule may prompt FinTech and other tech companies to consider seeking a charter as a way to expand their market presence.