Ninth Circuit Sharply Limits Pre-Certification Discovery Into the Identity of Other Class Members
COVID-19 / Coronavirus Resources

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Resources

When we read the daily news, we see uncharted waters. Industries are being impacted overnight. We continue to do everything we can to support clients as they navigate these times. Our lawyers have provided practical insight into the legal and strategic challenges companies are facing. Jenner & Block has assembled a multi-disciplinary team, drawn from a variety of our practice areas and sector groups, to support clients as they navigate these uncharted waters. We also continue to update our COVID-19 / Coronavirus Resource Center.  It provides helpful and timely information on the legal and strategic challenges companies are facing.  Noun_virus_1772453Following is a list of some of those pieces.

Evaluating Force Majeure Clauses in Connection with the COVID-19 Outbreak

As governments and businesses take action to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, companies must consider whether and to what extent their existing contractual agreements oblige parties to perform while events related to COVID-19 are impacting the performance under those contracts. Many contracts contain force majeure clauses that may excuse performance in the face of COVID-19. These provisions are not uniform, and the scope of relief they afford may vary considerably based upon the language used, the jurisdictions involved, and the unique facts and circumstances of each case. We provide a brief overview here of how a force majeure clause may excuse performance with respect to COVID-19-related events. To read more, please click here.

SEC Reacts to COVID-19 Crisis and Issues Relief Relevant to Public Companies and Regulated Entities

On Friday, March 13, 2020, and over the subsequent weekend, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its staff made announcements with guidance and/or relief for public companies and firms experiencing challenges because of COVID-19 / coronavirus. The SEC and its staff appear to have calibrated the guidance and relief to balance investors’ need for information with the practical realities of an unprecedented public health event. The SEC also emphasized that it is continuing to “assess impacts relating to the coronavirus on investors and market participants, and will consider additional relief from other regulatory requirements.” To read more, please click here.

Cybersecurity Concerns with Regard to Work-From-Home Policies

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing many companies to consider work-from-home programs for many of their employees. Any arrangement where employees are permitted to work from home poses a unique set of cybersecurity risks and challenges, but those risks are heightened when a majority of the work force are away from offices that are controlled. Ensuring that appropriate technical and administrative safeguards are in place prior to launching wide-scale work-from-home programs is critical to ensuring the safety of your network and data.  For considerations that businesses should take into account when implementing work from home programs, please click here.

To stay abreast of developments through this unprecedented situation, continue to monitor the Consumer Law Round-Up blog and visit the resource library for helpful reference materials.