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Consider Guidance on Wearable Devices

Arrow-Left-IconJenner & Block Partner Mary Ellen Callahan and Associate Emily A. Bruemmer examine privacy issues related to wearable devices such as smartwatches or fitness trackers in an article published in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal.  The authors explain that the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) in the summer released guidelines for consumer wearables and wellness devices.  They discuss what these best practices might mean for creators of these two broad categories of devices.  Their analysis includes companies developing wearables or mobile apps for the global market.  “It’s too early to say whether more government regulation may be in store for the rapidly expanding universe of wearables and wellness apps, but for now companies would be wise to consider implementing the fair information privacy principles including the FPF’s best practices as a rule of thumb – or a rule of wrist-wearing device – in order to provide privacy protections with wearables and wellness apps,” they conclude.  The article is the latest installment of Ms. Callahan’s regular Privacy and Information Governance (PIG) Tales column in the Daily Journal.

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